Indonesia's New Defense Industry Financing Pact

On May 3, an agreement was reached in Indonesia between a national finance company and state-owned defense companies that would facilitate additional financial support for these firms. The conclusion of the agreement once again put the spotlight on Indonesia’s ongoing attempts to strengthen its defense industry under Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

Asian-Pacific Powers Ranked by Military Strength

An arms race is well underway in Asia with China asserting its power through various means and its potential adversaries attempting to keep pace. The primary point of contention remains the resource-rich islands of the South China Sea which are claimed by many of the regional powers (including China, Japan, and Vietnam). Those nations whose borders touch the Pacific Theater are included in this listing.

Indonesia’s Indo-Pacific Cooperation Concept

At the Centre for Strategic and International Studies Global Dialogue on May 8 in Jakarta, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi unveiled the Southeast Asian state’s Indo-Pacific cooperation concept. The concept is based on the principles of being “open, transparent and inclusive, promoting the habit of dialogue, promoting cooperation and friendship, and upholding international law.”

Indonesian Army new armaments

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